Everything You Need to Know About Beaded Weft Extensions

Hi loves! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know that back in October I got beaded weft extensions by Rachel C at Pampered Beauty Bar and Spa. I was working full-time in corporate America and I decided that I wanted to make this commitment to save myself time in the mornings and spare some damage to my hair when I could. This was a great decision because it allowed me to style my hair once, and then not have to do anything to it until I washed it again, besides maybe a touch up here and there if I was getting full-on ready.

If you’ve ever wondered about extensions, are thinking about getting them yourself, or just want to gain some knowledge, I hope this video answers all of your questions! Extensions are a luxury item and a financial commitment, so keep that in mind. They need maintenance daily, but the reward is great for someone who wears their hair down everyday and gets ready. They save time, reduce the amount of heat on your hair, and add some extra length and volume.

If I didn’t answer your question or you want more information on getting extensions yourself, please contact Rachel C at Pampered Beauty Bar and Spa!