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I’m Carly Bandy, the creator behind Beautiful on a Budget. When I started my blog back in 2015, it was mainly focused on showcasing my style and beauty and tips. Now, fast forward to 2022, my boyfriend and I just bought our first home and life looks totally different!

Lucas and I spend the majority of our time renovating our new home, camping, exploring our new town, hiking, and resting in between. This stage of life is by far my favorite (so far!) and I decided that it only made sense to document it as we go. And lucky for you, we will be sharing it all here!

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The story behind it all

Beautiful on a Budget started in my college apartment the summer before  my junior year. I was the new member educator for my sorority, AOII, and majoring in Journalism. I was taking a full load of classes that summer and life was changing. In between my busy schedule, I was looking for a creative outlet that was just for me. My love for fashion and beauty was something I always leaned into throughout my life, so it only felt right to start a blog. This wasn’t a commonality as it is now, and it also wasn’t my first time starting a fashion blog. As time went on and I graduated college, I only got more serious about keeping up with it. Fast forward to 2020, everything changed and so did my passion for this space. To read the story from beginning to now, click the link below and get all of the juicy details in between.

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A few fun facts

1. We met on Bumble in 2018 and quickly realized after that he actually dated my middle school best friend in high school!

2. If you knew me in college, my dream was to be a magazine editor and living in the city. I lived that our for a while, moved home, met Lucas, and now I’m back to my country roots!

3. Our dream is to become entrepreneurs, buy some land, build our dream home where we will raise our kids, with lots of animals and a huge garden!

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