9 Totally Perfect Tote Bags

Hi, my loves!! If you know me, and have known me for a while, then you know my obsession with purses. Personally, I don’t think that you can ever have too many purses and shoes! I’m also the girl who carries a tote every single day, every where she goes. I mean, you never know when you just might need one of the million things inside my purse! I know, you’re probably all wondering what in the world I carry in such a big bag – don’t worry, there is a ‘what’s in my purse’ post coming soon! Before I got my LV Neverfull tote, I was always carrying bags that I found at Target or T.J. Maxx. I’m not complaining either, because one of the best parts about buying inexpensive bags is the fact that when you’re ready to move on to something new, you can donate it without feeling like you wasted your money!

All of these bags are great because you can carry them as an everyday purse, a work tote or a weekender bag. Each of these totes is so versatile and can pair with just about any outfit. Whether you’re heading into the office, running errands in your gym clothes or heading to the city for a day of fun, a tote is something that can just make your life easier. I love carrying big bags and swapping out what I carry inside. For instance, if I’m going to work I’ve got my laptop, my planner and a notebook; but if I’m going out for the day I’ll throw in an umbrella, my best water bottle and a sweater. I feel like people often get intimidated by carrying a tote because they feel like they have to fill it up, but you don’t! I love a good, staple, tote bag and I figured that these listed below are great, affordable options. Comment down below with your favorite tote bag; I’d love to check it out!

  1. Free People Reversible Tote: $50 to $68 –  I’ve wanted this tote for the longest time! I love that it’s reversible, comes with an attachment and is durable. It’s seriously like you’re getting three bags in one. The color range is amazing, so there is something for everyone. This tote is so roomy and fits all the work or weekend essentials.
  2. Madewell Transport Tote: $168 – I have this tote in the Burgundy color and I am obsessed. Before I got my Louis, I carried this every single day, no matter the season. It holds my laptop and just about everything else I could need. I love the quality of the leather and how basic it is, in a good way. Madewell totes are more expensive but definitely worth the money. Unfortunately, the Transport Tote is the one item in the entire company that never goes on sale, at least the staple colors. Their bags are so well made and classic pieces that will stay in your collection forever.
  3. Forever 21 Oversized Faux Leather Tote: $30 – I love this slouchy oversized tote because not only does it come with a little wristlet, but it will hold everything you need. It’s the perfect tote to transition you from the office to the weekend with it’s casual but chic look.
  4. Old Navy Laser Dot Tote: $35 – I think this tote is so cute and fun! With the laser cut outs and the tassels, this tote is the perfect accessory to spice up your work outfits! Because it’s structured, it’s perfect to hold all of your things without falling over.
  5. Longchamp L Le Pliage Tote: $145 – These bags are such staples to have! I got one for Christmas my freshman year of college and while I bought it because it was a ‘sorority girl staple,’ I find myself using it to this day. It’s waterproof and super durable. You can fit so much in them and don’t really have worry much about them getting dirty. And the best part, they fold up really small so it’s perfect to travel with if you need an extra bag somewhere. I have the larger one because I always carry a big bag, and I find that it’s a great little overnight bag! (Insider tip: go on Amazon and you can find a cheap dupe!)
  6. Target Front Pocket Tote: $20 – When I saw this bag I immediately thought that it was a great alternative to the Madewell totes! I also really love the front pockets; I’m a sucker for pockets. Plus, it comes with a cross body strap which is perfect for when you want to switch it up. I’ve found some of my best totes at Target. Always keep an eye out when you’re there!
  7. Forever 21 Faux Leather Bag Set of 3: $33 – This is the perfect tote for someone who doesn’t carry that much but still wants a bigger bag. Plus, it comes with the cute pom pom attachment and two extra pouches. You can’t go wrong with a classic black purse and I think for the price, this is definitely something that everyone could benefit from having in their closet.
  8. American & Beyond Embroidered Tote: $26 – I threw this tote in the mix for those who want something a little more fun and funky! It’s one of those bags that truly can do anything. Whether it’s your work tote, overnight bag, beach bag or what you pack your gym clothes in – it’s an adorable universal tote.
  9. Dagne Dover Legend Tote: $265 – I know this bag is definitely an investment but if you’re looking for a bag to keep for ever, that serves a good purpose and will never go out of style – this is it. I saw this bag on Facebook not too long ago and fell in love. Like I said before, I’m a sucker for pockets and this bag has it all! From the laptop sleeve to the water bottle holder, a place for your sunglasses, pockets for your pens and an attachment for your keys, there truly isn’t a better work bag for someone that needs to carry along all the essentials, big and small. It’s a well made, classic style bag that is a dream! It comes in multiple colors and sizes which is great because there is something for everyone. If I ever decide to pull the trigger on this bag, I’ll go with the largest size pictured here, the Legend. I love that it basically has a built-in purse organizer and enough room to fit everything I could ever need. It’s the ultimate work tote that I hope one day to own myself!

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of the best affordable tote bags to get you through your work days and into the weekend! I’m a sucker for a good bag that has a multitude of purposes. I’d love to know which one you liked best and want to buy, or your tried-and-true tote that you can’t live without!

With love and hopes of inspiration,