Styling My New Fall Wardrobe Additions

Let’s talk about styling Fall wardrobes. My favorite season is in full swing here, and I’m ready to start putting together my latest wardrobe additions. The pieces I’ve bought recently and even last year are ready to be worn. I’m looking forward to styling my Fall wardrobe more than I ever have before. Now, I just need to get out of the house between work and renovations and actually show them off!

This time of year is arguably my favorite time to shop. Arguably for the sole purpose of styling a fall wardrobe. I’m sure that those who know me personally are laughing at that because I shop year round. But Fall is hands down the best. When it comes to boots, jackets, sweaters, and all the fall accessories — I just can’t help myself.

Sometimes I see something I want and just go for it, not thinking about what’s already in my closet or how it will work with my current wardrobe. This year, I’m being more intentional. I’m stopping to ask myself – ”Do I have something similar to this already?” ”How many times do I realistically see myself wearing this?” “Is this an in-the-moment piece, or will it be something I can wear again next year?”

Sure, there are still moments where I grab something that is more of a current trend than a timely piece. Sue me; I’m human!!

My favorite things I’ve bought this year so far fall into a few categories — transitional shoes, light outerwear, and neutral basics. Let’s dive into how I’m styling my Fall wardrobe.

What I Bought For Fall This Year

When it comes to shoes, I have a weakness — it’s bad. But yet, I’m always gravitating towards the same handful of pairs. This year I bought a few pairs that will work for my Fall wardrobe. But they will also transition into Winter, and even Spring. I got two pairs of clogs. The suede Seychelles that will last me years, and off-white faux leather Sam Edelman’s with tassels that are more of a statement. Both of these are very comfortable, can be worn with jeans and a tee, or dressed up.

Then I got two pairs of boots. The first pair are a canvas, platform lug boot from Dolce Vita that can go with just about anything. Next, I’ve been loving the flatform boot trend with a sock-like ankle. I grabbed a pair of Steve Madden from DSW with a coupon. These are more of a statement and I’ll be styling them with specific types of outfits.

As for outerwear, it’s always a toss up in Georgia when it comes to weather. No matter the season, you have to have a variety of jackets. I’ve got my share of nice heavy coats that I purchased last year. I remember last Fall and then even the warmer Winter days, I always felt like I didn’t have the right jackets. They were either more in the athleisure category or denim. So, I bought a couple of blazers to style this Fall that can be worn with just about anything. One is a neutral houndstooth patterned and one light yellow faux leather blazer.

Lastly, and certainly not least, are the neutral basics. This has been something I’ve been focusing on since the Spring, really. I know what I wear often and what fits best, so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect base layers. I found the perfect everyday t-shirt from Abercrombie and I’ve bought every single color. It’s incredibly versatile and I’m able to style it in a variety of ways. 

I’ve always known when it comes to jeans and pants, Abercrombie’s Curve Love line are going to be the best fit for my body type. With that, I’ve been expanding a bit with my Fall wardrobe. Currently, I’m loving styling the carpenter/cargo/utility pants. Maybe it’s the practicality as I renovate our home or maybe it’s the fit. I’m totally kidding — these pants are for style purposes only, lol! Even though I now understand why men are so drawn to them because it’s like you’re wearing a purse.

I’m also trying to stay away from loud colors and prints in my dresses and tops when I can. Focusing on things that I can keep from year to year. If I stick to the neutrals, then I can complete the look with the fun outerwear, bag, or jewelry.

And that is a post for another day!!

How The Blog is Evolving

With working from home, my daily uniform is a matching sweat set or workout clothes. When I do get out of the house, even for a doctors appointment, I’m trying to reach for something other than a tee, jeans, and sneakers.

As I revive the blog and begin to share this side of my life again, I’m not going to be stopping everything to go take pictures of my outfit. That’s part of the reason that I got burnt out. Being an ’influencer’ came with an unspoken pressure that you always needed to be sharing things to buy, what you bought, and taking a million and one pictures. It felt like if you weren’t sharing the newest and best, but sharing things you already have, it wasn’t seen as good enough. It was a toxic thought put in your head as you compared yourself to others. I got so sick of it.

While I’m still going to be buying new things, and of course I’ll share, it’s not going to be anywhere near what it used to be. I’m done buying pieces because literally everyone and their mother has it, or it’s on sale, so I buy it — nope. If I don’t already have something like it, and I can justify it, then sure. Other than that, don’t expect huge hauls on the regular just because everyone else is doing it.

If I’m out and the opportunity presents itself, I’ll get a picture of my outfit. But expect a mix of mirror selfies, pictures around the house, and a lot of real-life shots. Making the choice to revive Beautiful on a Budget was tough. It had become something that caused more stress and imposter syndrome than anything before I stopped it all together.

Now, life looks a lot different. My priorities have changed and my mindset has shifted. I no longer have the desire or feel the need to be perfect and impress people. I’ve never been one to be paralyzed or controlled by the opinions and thoughts of others. But of course it was still in the back of my mind — I’m human. I think I used to share things and run my blog for the wrong reasons at times. I would find myself comparing myself to others and what they were doing. And when I felt that I was falling short, trying to fit the bill just didn’t feel genuine to me — so I stopped.

By pretty much removing myself from this ’influencer’ world, it’s really changed my view on this platform. Seeing how calculated and so inauthentic people can be has made me realize that I never want someone to come to my blog or my Instagram and feel that way about me. I’m not saying I won’t make mistakes and I’m perfect, but my goal for this comeback is to be as relatable as possible.

And on that note — this little rant here was absolutely unplanned. But it felt right in the moment, so here we are! I plan on writing more about this later on. For now, here’s a bit of what I was feeling and why I took a step back from it all.