Steps to Get Your Pinterest Perfect Nails

One of my most asked questions is what I ask for when I get my nails done, so it’s time that we break it down together! In this post I will be explaining exactly what I ask for, how to tell your nail tech what you want, and debunking nail myths.

For an in-depth breakdown of the process with visuals, head over to my Instagram and watch my IGTV which shows the whole process from start to finish!

Now, let’s get you those Pinterest perfect nails that you’ve got saved to your Inspo board!

What I Ask for at the Nail Salon & How to Get the Look From Your Nail Tech

Since I have smaller hands, I love getting an elongated nail shape. I feel like it’s the most flattering on me because it makes my hands look more feminine. I usually get a slim square shape that is thinned out for a natural nail look. 

For all of the technical terms to say to your nail tech, head over to my Instagram and watch my IGTV on getting the Pinterest perfect nails!

The Truth Behind Nail Enhancements

So many people think that acrylics and other techniques are bad for your nails, but that’s actually not the truth. Where the nail enhancements become bad for your nails is when the nail tech doesn’t properly remove them.

To hear all about this the right way and find out what to look out for at a nail salon, watch until the end to hear Eligh’s tips! 

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